To be well is closely tied with authenticity – showing our real face to the world. Trying to fit
in with the way we perceive others want us to look, feel, and behave creates a tension
within us that can only be eased through living in alignment with the deeper wisdom of the

From the way some people present themselves to society – publicly or through social media
– it would seem they have it all together. As an outsider looking on it can be easy to fall into
a trap of self-doubt and stress trying and failing to emulate the lives of others. When we
determine the course of our life based on the expectations of others we are setting
ourselves up for tension and dis-ease. Repressing our true nature means burying deep
inside those things we wish we had the courage to say, do and dream, crushing our
authenticity and well-being.

How many people who appear to be happy and successful externally have ended up deep in
anxiety and depression? Isn’t it often the way that the ones who rise the highest also fall the
furthest? When we try to present the best version of ourselves externally it requires vast
amounts of energy to hold up the façade. Energy that could be used to heal and energise
our bodies, restoring inner balance and equilibrium. Remember what it feels like to go to a
fancy event with people you don’t know and how exhausting it is wading through hours of
small talk? Compare that with a gathering of your closest friends with whom you are most
comfortable. The former creates tension resulting in tiredness and discomfort. The latter is
energizing and relaxing creating an uplifting feeling of joy and contentment. We often feel
comfortable to be relaxed and authentic with a few close friends, family or colleagues but
hide away such genuine displays of character from the rest of the world. We admire people
who show a lack of concern with the opinions of others, simply going about life in the way
they see fit, and yet we seem poorly prepared or equipped to do so ourselves.

How can you bring more of the real you out, allowing others to see your best side? Start by
tuning into your body, establishing a deeper connection and developing a clearer understanding of yourself. Following your breath is the best place to start. Becoming more aware of your breathing in all interactions allows you to feel into your body, leaving you at ease around others. You can create the opportunity for more authentic living and greater well-being by relaxing your body through consciously breathing as you go about your day. Times like these present an incredible opportunity to step out from behind the mask and let our real selves emerge. Let’s cultivate inner calm through a deeper connection with bodyand breath – equipped to walk an authentic path that is an inspiration to all.

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