Inmerse yourself into a truly unforgetable and authentic sauna experience.

The Sauna

Following the time-honoured methods of Scandinavia and northern Europe you will journey through rounds of hot steam treatment and fresh cold water immersion to invigorate your mind and body. 

Cleanse, detoxify, relax, and release stress. Essential oil-infused water is poured onto the rocks of the wood-fired heater filling the barrel-shaped space with aromatic steam. Following 15 mins in the sauna at temperatures between 55 and 85 degrees Celcius (depending on your preference) drench yourself in cold clear mountain water.

After this enlivening experience; rest, breathe, relax, and prepare for your next round. Three rounds of hot, cold and rest will leave you feeling alive, alert and well recovered.


  • 8 adults maximum
  • Use the sauna for up to 3 hours as a private experience 
  • Great for couples and groups of friends

Sauna Coaching

Open up, drop the pretence, and discover your authenticity.

Join Adam in asking the deep questions, finding your own answers and exploring your purpose. Sauna is wellness in action, a quiet and still place to invigorate your mind and body with hot and cold therapy in a traditional wood-fired sauna.


  • 50 minutes sessions
  • Individuals or couples
  • Two to three rounds of traditional hot and cold contrast therapy within each session