Be inspired, equipped, and empowered towards more resilience, connection and wellbeing.


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Below are examples of topics:

    1. Building Resilience

    Resilience comes from within. Your responses to challenge can enable you to learn from and even embrace adversity. Adam looks at resilience from the angle of personal wellbeing with a practical and applicable approach grounded in timeless wisdom.

    2. Cultivate Your Personal Power

    With an increase in self-awareness comes the ability to build up your personal power. Many behaviours are draining and depleting; by replacing these with empowering practices that increase focus and vitality you are equipped to live at your highest potential. Adam will show you exactly how to take charge of building up your own personal power.

    3. From Confusion to Clarity

    Life can feel confusing at times. With so many mixed messages out there how do you know which path is right for you? Clarity can be found by slowing down, breathing, feeling and listening. It is only in stillness that you are able to find the deeper meaning of your life. Adam introduces the practices necessary to find your own insight and direction.