To connect deeply we must slow down, breathe, feel, and listen. Genuine connection is essential for our mental and emotional wellbeing and brings a vibrant richness into our lives which equips us to thrive in adversity.

When did you last enjoy a meaningful connection? Connection happens when we take the time to experience and feel into the moment. It requires a deliberate slowing down of our movements and thoughts so we can tune in to the person or environment we are in. Many of our daily interactions are superficial because we rush about in a cloud of worry and haste distracting ourselves from ourselves. We unconsciously believe that by rushing we will achieve more and find fulfillment in doing, but the opposite is true, we achieve less of real value and miss opportunities to connect that would provide the fulfillment we seek. In slowing down enough to engage with the moment, connection happens effortlessly and the result is naturally uplifting.

Pausing to breathe, feel, and listen is a powerful antidote to the burdens the worrying mind places upon us. When life is uncertain and full of challenges it is the practice of connection that lifts our thoughts to higher ideals; allowing us the space to connect with our feelings, and reminding us of the deeper meaning in life. It’s possible to go about our day missing the simple joys of moving the body, breathing, a smile, the warmth of the sun, caress of the wind, and birdsong in the trees. When we take the time to appreciate these moments our spirits are uplifted and we are more resilient to the concerns weighing upon our minds.

It takes self-discipline to slow down. When everyone around you is rushing, making time to tune in, listen to a friend, and admire the sunset requires commitment to your greater wellbeing. A commitment you can cultivate with practice and patience. An opportunity to practice exists right now… read slower… take a deep breath in… exhale it out slowly… and take another breath in. Feel your body, listen to what it is telling you. How are you feeling right now? Tense or relaxed, comfortable, or restless? This simple exercise can enable you to access your innate joy.

Take the time to listen to a friend, laugh at yourself, climb into a tree, and walk barefoot on the grass. This is what life is all about. There is meaning in every moment. Slowing down to appreciate ourselves, the people around us, and the wonder of nature will connect us to something much deeper, older, and wiser than ourselves – the connection we need to thrive.



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