Many of us go about life totally unprepared for disruption, relying on the subconscious belief – everything will continue going the way it is now. We assume that a lack of evidence of anything going wrong suggests evidence that nothing will go wrong. We could not be further from the truth. To go through life without major upheavals would result in our underdevelopment, as every disruption to our comfort zone provides the opportunity for increased self-understanding. Preparation for the unexpected and training for disruption is the path to greater wisdom and health.

Even something as simple as predicting the weather a day ahead proves consistently difficult to get right. How then can you confidently predict something as complex as cancer, infidelity, redundancy, or the death of a loved one? These random, impossible to predict, and extremely turbulent ‘Black Swan’ events pop up unexpectedly and are known to disrupt and reduce even the most robust individuals into a state of incredulousness. We simply don’t want to believe that these things will happen to us, and yet we know that such things can, and will, occur to ourselves and the people we love most. So how do you prepare for such eventualities when there is no way to accurately predict their occurrence? Perhaps the best way is in the practice of being prudent with our wellbeing.

Prudence is acting with care and thought for the future. Note I did not write fear of the future – the primary cause of anxiety – care is what is required. Careful alertness and preparation of yourself for disruption from a place of wisdom. Wisdom is not predicting the worst and living paralysed by fear, it is acknowledging that storms come and those who ready themselves will have the best possible chance of escaping from such tempestuous events with their wellbeing intact and even improved. As you would carefully train and prepare for a long and arduous journey, so you can prepare your body and mind through the appropriate training, gaining understanding of yourself along the way.

Over the next year I will offer simple training tools which you can use to handle disruption, improve health, and discover deeper soul purpose. Ancient truths; simplified and packaged in a way that is clear, concise and applicable. Question, doubt, tinker; whether they work or not will depend on your application, persistence, and willingness to play the long game. These tools have been given the seal of approval by the greatest test of all, the passage of time. Consider what you are currently doing to prepare yourself physically, mentally and emotionally for the next unexpected event and which areas you would like to develop.

Preparation begins with the acknowledgment that you cannot prevent or predict the greatest trials of your life, you can only prepare in advance. Careful training through being prudent with your wellbeing will set you up to handle chaos with greater skill and the gain of self-understanding. Insight about yourself is the greatest tool you can possess in a world of uncertainty, and wisdom and health are your true wealth.




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