We require genuine relationships for personal growth, a community of people around us with whom we share life. Our potential for love, intimacy, growth, creativity and celebration is unlocked when we relate deeply with others, allowing them to challenge and support us on our journey. Refusing to pursue authentic relationships inhibits us, whereas opening ourselves up to diverse human connections increases our range of possibilities in every conceivable way.

Where has the greatest growth in your life come from? It’s likely that another person was involved, questioning your decisions, encouraging you to try new experiences, opening up your heart to love, and teaching you about yourself. Every human interaction has the potential to enhance your life – even the unpleasant ones. Other people push you, challenge you, and influence the direction of your thoughts and actions. Tough encounters are the most impactful. The ones that make you uncomfortable enough to start searching for your own place in the world, pushing you out of your comfort zone. Make the decision to be real with people and invite in challenge.

Opportunities come through people. The saying ‘It’s not what you know but who you know’ speaks clearly to this principle. Favour and opportunity are linked and the way to gain favour from others is to be real with them and open to their perspectives. When you connect authentically with people from all walks of life you open yourself to opportunities coming in from multiple directions; acts of kindness, doors opening, fresh experiences. Endless possibilities can come your way through family, friends, colleagues and even strangers when you open yourself up to them.

Everywhere there are people looking for genuine relationship. You can deepen the quality of all your relationships by making the decision to fully engage. Give the other person your full attention, listen without judging their words or actions – simply be available. When you speak, do so from the heart, expressing what you actually feel. Giving your whole self rather than holding back in fear of their response, takes the courage to be totally present with the person you are relating to. Value them above anything else going on in the moment. When you are this available in relationship the other person tends to respond in kind and the depth of connection increases. I can attest to the reality of this approach. It works.

To grow healthily and vibrantly into your best self requires the challenge and opportunities that real relationships bring. The more genuine community you build the greater the chance of reaching your potential and exploring the range of possibilities that exist for the deeply-related person. It takes courage to give your full self to another, so remember, whatever you wish to receive, give it out in abundance.



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