We all find meaning in different ways

The things that we do and the words that we say

The people we meet and the journey we’re on

All provide something that moves us along

Our minds are so different, special, unique

There is something within us that all of us seek

A story to live and a story to tell

A way to feel loved and connected as well

Whoever we are and whatever we do

Remember that everyone else seeks this too


Humans have long sought for meaning. There are no clear answers to our queries being shouted from the heavens and this ceaseless search has resulted in a very interesting question that rarely comes up in dinner table conversation, “What is the meaning of life?” Due to the subjective nature of being a human and the glaringly obvious fact that we all see life through our own unique lens, perhaps a better way to pose this question is: What gives meaning to life?

I’ve asked this of myself and many friends and family. As the answers come back I’m surprised at how unique they are. Initially, it seems as though everyone has their own way of looking at life and suggests no two people find meaning in exactly the same things. After all, we have different life experiences and distinctive perspectives, so why wouldn’t we all see what is meaningful differently? Some of my more philosophical friends argue that there is no meaning to life, after all, are we simply not creating meaning through our words and the stories we tell? Let’s assume there is meaning to life and that without it life would be meaningless, a rather dull and dispirited place to live from. So then if we all draw different conclusions from our experience how do we make the most of our lives?

We can find meaning in our unique story; the one we are living now and which we go back to over and over again to draw strength from. The more I’ve looked into this I’ve noticed a similar feel to what people find meaningful. Loving relationships with family, learning and sharing those learnings, connecting with nature, laughing and relaxing in the company of close friends, tuning in to inner wisdom, service to others. Overall it seems that our meaning is found not in obscure concepts or individual feats of greatness but in the relationships we foster with those who surround us on the journey, and what we draw from our connection with our self.

Think about what it is that gives your life meaning. Spend some time contemplating, write your list down and read it over, then stick it on your wall. It will help you see clearly the uniqueness of your own story and appreciate how everyone else is finding meaning in similar things in their own way. A meaningful life is revealed when you value the attributes that make it special and unique. Identify what gives meaning to you, fill your journey with it, and your experience will come vibrantly alive.