“Discovering yourself is the greatest adventure of all.”
Awaken Intelligence

Explore your Potential – What Gives Meaning to Life?

We all find meaning in different ways The things that we do and the words that we say The people we meet and the journey we’re on All provide something that moves us along Our minds are so different, special,


Foundations in Wellbeing – De-Power Hour

Devices are a human love affair – one that is exciting and engaging. They are the ultimate distraction, providing a source of ever-changing stimulation at our fingertips. How much of our time are we giving to the screen and what


Foundations in Wellbeing – Slow Down and Connect

To connect deeply we must slow down, breathe, feel, and listen. Genuine connection is essential for our mental and emotional wellbeing and brings a vibrant richness into our lives which equips us to thrive in adversity. When did you last


Foundations in Wellbeing – Authenticity

To be well is closely tied with authenticity – showing our real face to the world. Trying to fit in with the way we perceive others want us to look, feel, and behave creates a tension within us that can


Foundations in Wellbeing – Responsibility

At the heart of well-being lies the responsibility for ownership of our behaviour. Choosing as part of our daily routines those activities that uplift our spirits – enriching our physical, mental and emotional quality of life. Health is more than