Explore Your Potential with
Adam Chalmers

You can move from confusion to clarity, disconnection to connection, repression to expression and powerless to powerful.
No one else can change, empower, or transform your life, that responsibility rests with you. What I give you is tried and true methods for discovering your own path to greater wellbeing and fulfillment, methods tested through the ages by the wisdom traditions of East and West and backed up by modern science. My approach is fresh and my experience real. Now is the time to bring these concepts out of their narrow contexts and into the worlds of business, innovation, politics and education. Change begins with you.

foundational wellbeing Principles

These principles form the foundation upon which my speaking; corporate training, coaching, content creation and community session topics are built.

1) The Physical Body (Sensing)

The journey of your self-transformation begins with the body. Slowing down to breathe deeply, relax your nervous system, mobilise and move, allows you to identify stress and tension that has passed by unnoticed. Understanding how the body works and the signals it is sending you, equips you to take control of your health and vitality and develop your senses.

2) The Mind and Brain (Thinking)

The next step towards reaching your highest potential for wellbeing involves understanding both how your mind and brain work. Especially the development of awareness of thoughts, what you think about and focus on – consciously or unconsciously. Thoughts precede action and to change behaviours you must change thoughts. The mind and the right hemisphere of the brain are creative powerhouses of creativity and imagination.

3) The Emotions (Feeling)

It is easy to identify with your emotions, either allowing them to dictate your life or repressing them away to fester and distort reality. Learning to develop higher emotional and relational intelligence is essential for your ongoing growth and development as a person. Vulnerability is a strength. Once you realise the power you have to change your feelings, express them fully, and sit with them calmly, you will find a deeper authenticity within that will greatly enhance your relationships with yourself and others in any environment.

4) The Self (Awareness)

You observe your internal and external experience. The body, mind and emotions form your experience of reality. Connecting with a deeper part of yourself is the step that brings about peace and contentment and is found through the inner practices of silence and stillness. The aim of meditation is to enter this place within and spend time there daily to rebuild and recharge your personal power.

Delivery Methods

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Be inspired, equipped, and empowered towards more resilience, connection and wellbeing. Give back by hosting Adam at your business, organisation, conference or community event, creating impact and engagement around what matters most.


Create change within your people. Offer your corporate teams the opportunity to attend Adam’s training workshops and seminars. These comprehensive trainings equip individuals for greater wellbeing and in turn improve culture and relationships within the workplace.

Content Creation

Offer some inspiring, engaging and thought-provoking content in your publication, flyer, business or blog. Stimulate your readership and give back to your community through meaningful content. Adam has an authentic and original style of writing that flows from his direct insight and experience.


Invite Adam to your community event, centre or school. You can stimulate change through organising talks and workshops that are educational, empowering, practical and engaging, with a connection focus. The wealth of our communities is our health.